Children's Advocacy Centers of California - Annual Conference
Current Perspectives On Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity & Trauma

April 26, 2018
San Diego, CA

This year’s CACC Summit will focus on Cultural Competency and Current Perspectives
on Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity and Trauma. The day will be spent together
listening to featured speakers and sharing vital information for your CAC/MDT.

Cultural Competency: The Why, The What, The Where.
California is a dynamic state filled with multicultural communities. Cultural competency is defined as the capacity to work effectively with people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds, while also being aware and respectful of values, beliefs, traditions, gender, gender identity and customs. With this awareness we develop the ability to appreciate, understand and interact effectively with members of diverse populations within our communities. Because diversity issues influence nearly every aspect of the work CACs/MDTs do with children and families, CACs and MDTs must be willing and able to understand the clients’ worldview and adapt practices as necessary, to effectively meet the child’s and family’s needs. Fostering culturally sensitive MDTs help children and families of all backgrounds feel welcomed, valued, and respected.