Consultation Services

Combing their decades of professional consultation and training experience, The Harvey Institute capitalizes upon Al Killen-Harvey’s and Doug Braun-Harvey’s unique vision to integrate sexual health as an ally for improving client programs and organizational practices.

The Harvey Institute emphasizes a collaborative engagement approach to sexual health training and consultation. The Institute develops innovative sexual health based curriculum, staff training, policy development, cross-disciplinary collaborations and clinical services.  Trainings incorporate engaging experiential learning approaches with sound sexual science to form a consultation model that understands each person’s or organization’s readiness for change.

We collaborate with individuals, agencies and organizations to develop and implement policies and practices that reflect each system’s readiness for sexual health change. It is our belief that a vision for integrating sexual health practices will only be achieved through informed sexual health conversation and collaborative dialogue.

Case Studies

 Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Service

The Six Principles of Sexual Health: Integrating sexual health conversation practices within Child Welfare.

In response legislation establishing foster youths rights to access age-appropriate, medically accurate sexual health information The Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Service (LADCFS) asked The Harvey Institute to develop a curriculum to train its staff in sexual health conversations.

The Harvey Institute and LA County DCFS hypothesized that current rates of unplanned or unwanted pregnancy, HIV, sexually transmitted infections, and non-consensual or exploitive sexual circumstances will change when DCFS employees integrate sexual health conversation skills within existing Foster Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health Policy.

The curriculum emphasizes the importance of child welfare professionals suspending their judgments and using accurate sexual language while integrating six principles of sexual health when speaking with youth, parents and caregivers. This pioneering program is a now a required training for the more than 4,000 employees of LA County DCFS.  The Harvey Institute is reviewing evaluations, pre and post assessments and qualitative data from experiential exercises.