The Harvey Institute combines the theory and expertise of Doug Braun-Harvey’s sexual health writing, training and psychotherapy with Al Killen Harvey’s decades of training, leadership and clinical consultation concerning sexual orientation, gender identity and trauma. We collaborate with individuals, agencies and organizations to develop and implement policies and practices that reflect each systems readiness for sexual health change. It is our belief that a vision for integrating sexual health practices will only be achieved through informed sexual health conversation and collaborative dialogue.

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The Harvey Institute provides innovative teaching and sexuality training approaches designed to motivate professionals who are ready to contemplate how sexual health knowledge, principles and conversation skills will enhance their confidence and ability to integrate essential sexual health information within their professional services, practices and programming. Contact The Harvey Institute if you are interested in knowing how to have engaging, interactive, up-to-date sexual health conversation.

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The Harvey Institute provides assessment, individual and group therapy for men of all sexual orientations concerned about their consensual out of control sexual behavior (OCSB). The Harvey Institute sexual health psychotherapy process collaborates with men to contemplate their conflicts with their sexual behavior and to develop and maintain their personal vision for sexual health.

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