Dallas Children's Advocacy Center Lecture Series
Current Perspectives On Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Trauma

March 7, 2019
Dallas, TX

For children and youth who experience interpersonal trauma (physical/sexual/emotional abuse, neglect and/or domestic violence) issues of sexual orientation and or gender identity (SOGI) may arise. The actual or perceived SOGI of the youth may have made them more vulnerable to the traumatic experience or it may not be related but is another complicating factor in the investigative or therapeutic process. Many organizations/agencies continue to struggle to create environments that are more welcoming and supportive for SOGI youth. This all-day workshop will explore the high degree of risk of abuse faced by SOGI youth. This workshop will provide an overview of the changing landscape of issues related to SOGI including new terminology (words, acronyms) as well as current legislation enacted in several states to further protect these youth. Standards of Care for Transgender individuals as well as SOGI youth in foster care will be highlighted. Additionally, there will be an exploration of the unique challenges faced by SOGI youth of color. Participants will be encouraged to consider their own knowledge, comfort and willingness to create truly inclusive response systems to this highly vulnerable population.