The Six Principles of Sexual Health - Having Confident Conversations With Clients About Sex
Presented by The Harvey Institute

September 27, 2019
Dublin, Ireland

How can it be that you know that it is important to have conversations about sexual health with your clients yet it still doesn’t happen?

Clinicians often don’t have the mentoring or training that adequately prepares them to confidently initiate sexual health conversations. Meanwhile clients are often wanting their therapists to initiate relevant conversations with them about their sexual worries or problems as part of assessment and treatment. Many therapists unwittingly hinder this expectation and avoid the sexual health conversation altogether or refer clients to the local “sex expert.” Unfortunately, this often means that a pro-active conversation never happens in psychotherapy and that the client begins to believe that sex only gets talked about reactively when there is a crisis or after someone has been hurt.

Certified sex therapist, author, trainer and co-founder of The Harvey Institute, Douglas Braun-Harvey will engage attendees in learning and experiencing multiple tools that prepare therapists to integrate sexual health conversations within their everyday practice. This is one of two days of training that he will providing in Dublin designed for clinicians of all levels who want to build their confidence and willingness to initiate and facilitate sexual wellness conversations with their clients.

Learn how six principles of sexual health provide touchstones for co-constructing sexual health conversations and apply these fundamental tools in individual, couple, family, and group psychotherapy. Improve your treatment outcomes by moving beyond common therapist and client struggles in talking about sexual worries, problems and disorders. Learn to integrate sexual health assessment tools and psychotherapy skills that increase your personal and professional confidence in talking about sex!

For information on Doug’s training on Satursday, September 28, 2019 “Rethinking Sex Addiction: A Sexual Health Model for Treating Out of Control Sexual Behavior) please go to:

Each event is ticketed separately with a discount offered if you purchase tickets for both events