San Diego Psychological Association Fall Conference 2019
The Six Principles of Sexual Health: Integrating Sexual Health into Clinical Practice

October 26, 2019
San Diego, CA

Negotiating sexuality across our lives is an experience that unites humanity in all its diverse expressions.  Sexuality is a factor that is related to psychological and physical well being and risk.  Integrating sexuality into clinical practice from the perspectives of sex positivity and intersectionality is the topic of San Diego Psychological Association’s Fall Conference, 2019.

Addressing sexuality in clinical practice requires an approach that acknowledges context, culture, and the complex interactions between them and the individuality of all persons involved.  Attendees will obtain knowledge in areas such as sexual health and risk; sexual function and dysfunction; sex positivity; intersections of cultural identity and sexuality; and gender, sexual, and relationship diversity (GSRD.) 


Sexual Health Conversations: Practical Solutions for Talking about Sex with Every Client
Douglas Braun-Harvey, MFT, CST, CST-S
The Harvey Institute

Today’s clients expect Psychologists and psychotherapists to initiate informed, confident and relevant discussions about sex, yet many unwittingly hinder this expectation. Psychologist, Social Workers, Family Therapists and Drug and Alcohol Treatment Counselors find themselves expected to be skilled in addressing sexual worries, problems or disorders without the mentoring or training in how to confidently talk about sex.  Too often the solution to this gap is to avoid the sexual health conversation altogether or refer clients to the local sex expert. 

This plenary speaks to mental health professionals motivated to build their confidence and willingness to initiate and facilitate sexual health conversations with their patients. Mr. Braun-Harvey will define sexual health and describe how it is inextricably linked with physical, emotional, relational and mental health. He will introduce six fundamental principles of sexual health, distilled from global sexual health definitions, that provide the language to co-construct psychotherapy sexual health conversations. Lively case examples and Doug’s stories from training professionals in sexual health conversations around the world will prepare conference attendees to maximize their learning and participation in the training.

Medical and Health Factors Affecting Sexuality – 2 AASECT CEs
Joan Sughrue, MEd, BSN, RN

Black Masculinity and Sexuality
Yamonte Cooper, Ed.D., LPCC, NCC, CST

Alternative Sexualities: Rethinking “Normal” In Contemporary Sexual and Relationship Culture
Stacy T. Watnick, Ph.D.